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  • An introvert employee like any other employee can also bring great business success. They have those certain personality traits which make them productive, organized and focused, leading to favourable business results. An introvert employee can be a great hire for any workplace. read more

  • Have you ever wondered why a company asks you to take a personality test as a part of their screening process? We'll tell you why. read more

  • Running an Employee engagement survey is vital for companies today. These surveys measure the extent to which employees feel committed to their jobs and are willing to go an extra mile for their organisation. Employee engagement is critical in driving a company's success. Such surveys, when done right, are very beneficial in gathering the right insights on engagement levels of employees & identifying the pain areas ought to be addressed. read more

  • 360-degree feedback is a multi-source feedback tool that incorporates feedback from multiple stakeholders (managers, peers, subordinates, external) across an organisation vis-à-vis one’s self-assessment. Originally used for employee development purposes, 360-degree review is now becoming a popular performance appraisal method. Many organisations have started to use the 360-degree feedback to assess performance and potential of employees and enable them to map their competencies and work behaviour. read more